Junior Book Prizes 2016

Junior recipients of this year's college book prizes pose with their respective awards. Back L-R Henry Dawson, Robert Zhu, Bryce Huerta. Front L-R Summer Christensen, Gabby Teodoro, Nancy Wu, Olivia Siemens, Serena Soh.  Photo by Ashleigh Mower for Cate School

During the recent end-of-year award ceremony, a handful of juniors were recognized for their commitment to scholarship, leadership, and co-curricular activities at the School. They were selected by Cate faculty to receive College Book Prizes. The recipients are as follows: 

The University of Pennsylvania Book Award was presented to Robert Zhu. The award goes “To a high school junior who best exemplifies the qualities and characteristics of Benjamin Franklin – a scholar, innovator, and server of the community.”  

A new honor this year, the Johns Hopkins Book Award was presented to Summer Christensen. The award goes "To a rising senior who best demonstrates a desire for intellectual and moral growth, independent and original scholarship, and the strength of character to employ their scholarship to the betterment of society."

The Dartmouth College Book Award went to Gabby Teodoro. his award is presented “To the rising senior leader who is not only academically outstanding but also displays strong character, has made a positive impact on the life of the school community, and excels in at least one area of non-academic endeavor.” 

Nancy Wu and Bryce Huerta were each awarded the Harvard Book Prize, which recognizes respectively, a girl and a boy, each of whom is “a rising senior who demonstrates excellence in scholarship and exceptional achievement.” 
The Williams College Book Award was presented to Henry Dawson. The award goes “To a rising senior in the top of his or her class who has demonstrated intellectual leadership and has made a significant contribution to the extracurricular life of the school.” 

Olivia Siemens was presented with the Brown University Book Award. The award goes “To a rising senior who exhibits outstanding verbal and written communications skills.” 

The Wellesley College Book Award was presented to Serena Soh. This award is presented “To a young woman, chosen for her exceptional intelligence, character, determination, motivation, and achievement, who has been a top scholar, and who has made a significant personal contribution to her school.”