Outcomes & Matriculation

Know yourself well when you go.

When you get to Cate that first week, take a look at the students around you. Chances are you’ll know them for your whole life, staying in touch as the years march on. But first you’ll get to know them here, while they, along with teachers and coaches and advisors will, help you grow and learn who you are. So when it’s time for college, the transition will make sense and be fairly easy.

Cate students head off to great colleges and universities around world and feel prepared when they get there. And because they’ve learned to study, manage their time, and juggle their responsibilities here, taking on an Ivy League curriculum or the demands of a big university are pretty do-able. Alumni return to the Mesa from Pomona and Princeton, MIT and McAlester College, or Stanford and Swarthmore to tell us what we’re doing right – which is giving them the foundation they need not just for college, but for life. While they’re here they visit their teachers and trade stories, because that best day of school really never ends.