Athletic Training

Cate employs the services of Board Certified Athletic Trainers to work in conjunction with the Health Services staff in an effort to enhance the safety of Cate student-athletes. The Athletic Training staff is responsible for the day-to-day evaluation and care of athletic injuries and assisting in the coordination of appropriate medical care when necessary.

Our top priority is the health and safety of Cate School student-athletes. We will provide the highest quality sports medicine care to each student-athlete and return them to sport participation as quickly and as safely as possible. We will practice within all state and national laws including the policies of the Board of Certification, Inc, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, and the National Federation of High Schools Association and the Califorrnia Interscholastic Federation. We will do our best to be accessible to every team, athlete, and coach and will maintain the athletic training center with proper equipment and supplies to provide the best care for athletic injuries. We will maintain a safe environment for athletics by ensuring venue maintenance, maintaining current education and communicating when there is potential for inclement weather. We will use current evidence-based practice to provide effective treatments and rehabilitation techniques and conditioning techniques to meet the needs and goals of our program. We will to provide a safe and welcoming environment in the athletic training center for every student.

Desgrosillier Shannon

Shannon Desgrosiellier
Athletic Trainer

Shauna Ericksen

Shauna Ericksen
Assistant Athletic Trainer